What are we looking for?

Our submissions are open to all QUT students, from all faculties. We want any creative work by you. We’re looking for vibrant written pieces, visual artworks, and digital works.

We accept:

Written pieces such as short stories, excerpts, memoirs, interviews, poetry, non-fiction work, and reviews up to 2500 words or a maximum of five poems.

Visual artworks, such as photography, paintings, drawings, and collages; a suite of up to 15 photos from a single series.

Digital works, including short films, musical pieces, video reviews and interviews, performances, and performance documentation, up to ten minutes.

Any questions or concerns, send us an email at


We will not publish work with disrespectful language. Do not include racist, sexist, homophobic or bigoted content unless the theme is destroying that discrimination. Profanity, sexual content and nudity (in artwork) can be included but must be appropriate for the magazine. All work will be evaluated for suitability.

Please ensure that all submitted files include both the name of the piece and the name of the author.

Submissions are currently closed.