tender, 2020

tender (2020) is a seven-part photographic film series that documents my male-identifying partner in found vintage silk hand-printed lingerie, with a string of pearls adorning his neck. This work aims to present methods of encountering the profound subjectivity of the relationship that I share with my partner, specifically delving into notions of femininity and body modification through an informed modern lens. The work aims to engage the fundamental experiences occurring within modern society’s human condition, aloneness, longing, connection, and desire.

Throughout my ongoing diaristic practice, I engage experiences of self, and more specifically, confronting my affair with the domestic space. This includes my compulsion to adopt found and gifted materials within my work. The lingerie wear pictured through the series is patterned through undergoing the dichotomous process of hand-carving feminine bust designs from rubber, and manually stamping these on the delicate surface of the worn vintage silk. This imagery strongly resembles the white-American traditional tattoo imagery permeating the skinsuit of both my partner, and I.

Katlin Litt is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist in her third year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Art at QUT. Litt works predominately in soft sculptures, photography, and painting. Her work can be viewed as diaristic as it is based on personal experience with body-love, body-loathing, relationships, sexuality, gender, and bodily functions.

She can be found on Instagram at katlin.litt.