Terra Chronicles

David L. Farr



I have lived in ignorant bliss

of human Insignificance—falling

into the jaws of conscious importance.

A protective bubble brutally burst

without warning—without a tonic to medicate

the concussion of looking upon the mountain:

the blemished face of Terra

the trauma of tectonic lacerations, swelling

and ready to burst, spewing

fourth a fountain of her blood.


Blood burning with the intensity of molten steel worked in a forge by the

insignificant using a resource torn from her flesh to craft a weapon, a tool, to

turn against her once again, gouging at her flesh, shearing away her hair

strand by fucking strand.


We can hack, cut, burn, blister, dig, drown

commit atrocities against her

until her last breath

is exhaled, along with our Insignificant existence.

Through it all, the mountains remain, watching

us wither to a cancerous destruction


of our own making.




The tears of Terra

lifeblood of existence.


Every drop is precious—

a tickle, a deluge

a flood.


As destructive

as it is calming.


The wrath of God


within a single cup.


All things living are composed of Terra’s tears.

She is the lifeblood of our existence.




Red rock, red dust — billowing on solar driven winds

a wasteland that may have once held the beauty of Terra.


Perhaps the demise of the Red Planet grew

from a scornful love affair.

Terra—a jealous lover—chipped away her surface

bruised blemishes left to turn a bloodied red

because she spoke to Jupiter: the bitch.


Perhaps Terra envied her glamour

and conspired with the Sun

to strip away her protective layers

and leave her barren and inert.


Perhaps no life grew on the surface

and her beauty lies

in the red rock and dust billowing

on the solar driven winds.

Author: David Farr is a third-year creative writing student, stay-at-home dad, and motorcycle enthusiast. He served seven years in the Royal Australian Navy and now regularly DM’s games of Dungeons and Dragons. His favourite class is a Paladin.

Artist: Elly-Grace Rinaldis is a model and creative writer located in Brisbane. When she is not backpacking or travelling internationally, Elly-Grace enjoys socialising over a bottle of pinot noir with her friends, family and beloved cat Vera. Elly-Grace is currently studying to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Creative Writing at QUT. Her debut poetry collection titled Five Summers: An Anthology is currently available for purchase on her website www.ellygrace.com.au or locally at Avid Reader in West End. She can be found at @ellygracewrites