The Eye of the Storm

Taylor Dusina

The sweet smell of rain is distant, 

Dark clouds rolling over brown hills. 

Lightning sparks above the field, 

Forks of gold in crooked lines. 

Crack! Thunder breaks overhead. 


Raindrops plop on the pavement. 

As big as marbles they splatter, 

Splish, splosh. 

The tin roof wakes screaming, 

Water overflowing from the gutter. 


Across the yard, ground is sinking, 

Dry earth turning to mud. 

I jump in the puddles, splashing, 

Water soaking my legs, 

Mud squishing between my toes. 


Whistling wind whooshes, whizzing past. 

Leaves tumbling across the patio, 

Trees swaying at their trunks. 

Cool blasts of air soothe me, 

Little bumps covering my skin. 


Pitter, patter, plop. 

Drops hit my face, rolling to my chin. 

Come inside, my mother calls, 

But I ignore her, 

Pleasing the eye of the storm. 


I’m Taylor Dusina (she/her), a Meanjin-based (Brisbane) writer in my final year at uni. My writing style centres around a mix of romance and fantasy, with twists that readers won’t see coming. Currently, I’m working on a fantasy novel centred around vampires and worldbuilding. I aspire to be a published author someday, sharing my writing and being recognised for something I love. 




Art by Erin McKenna @erinxisobel