The Last Time

Nicole Jacobsen


Thank you for trying again

when I dodged your kiss

not on purpose, but because it was new

and I couldn’t process

how something so sweet could be

meant for me.

For years, I followed hands

that wound me up in maybes

that had me thinking

I would never find

a match in time

for a life. I learned

lessons second-hand

leasing shoulders for tears, zipped

lips for other’s smiles, wide

inviting. Breaking

with friends, that pain

a surrogate for a different


Then you.

We met each other

shy over schooners

condensation sloping the glass

over knuckles, over fingers

trailing down my hand

your eyes on me

your skin against my cheek

as I misread the signs

listening to that voice

for the last time

that ticked the hands over

that whispered wretched

things. It stopped the moment

I realised I no longer believed

alone was all I’d ever be.

Author: Nicole Jacobsen is a Brisbane artist, writer, poet, and aspiring editor who regularly finds herself re-befuddled by the difference between who and whom. Her background in Psychology emerges through character studies, obsessive bouts of self-reflection, and recurrent themes of mental health in her work.

Artist: Elly-Grace Rinaldis is a model and creative writer located in Brisbane. When she is not backpacking or travelling internationally, Elly-Grace enjoys socialising over a bottle of pinot noir with her friends, family and beloved cat Vera. Elly-Grace is currently studying to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Creative Writing at QUT. Her debut poetry collection titled Five Summers: An Anthology is currently available for purchase on her website or locally at Avid Reader in West End. She can be found at @ellygracewrites