The Wait of Balance

The Wait of Balance, 2020

The Wait of Balance (2020) is a reconstruction of Peter Moore’s photograph of Trisha Brown and Steve Paxton performing Lightfall (1963) at the Judson Memorial Church in New York. It portrays a seemingly effortless structure of one body crouching on top of another. The calm stillness captured in The Wait of Balance portrays an effortless achievement of balance and strength, creating a striking unity of the two bodies. The bodies merge to create a sculpture-like form reminiscent in pieces such as Farnese Atlas. The contrast between the exhaustive process of performing the pose and the expression of apathy and relaxation within the final image, further comments on the contrasting experiences between pursuing and achieving balance within our body and the world around us.

Nicola is a Brisbane based, multi-disciplinary artist that works primarily with video performance and photography. At the centre of her practice is a deep interrogation of the body that aims to revive the innate connection between bodily awareness and identity.

She can be found on Instagram at nicolamakesagesture.