Three Sad Poems

Hope Loveday

Comfortable Silence 


Wistful and bright

The crowd sings

And there’s a sick kind of feeling in the air

But it’s quiet

And the breeze blows

On you

You’re glowing


I always liked the word empyreal

Meaning celestial

Pertaining to the highest heaven

Formed of pure light and fire

It reminded me of you

Pure light and fire


A sunset smile spreads across your face

And I’m falling

Like the last leaves of autumn

Left dead on the ground

Among the crowd

It’s cold, winter is here

My nose runs


Is it too late?

Because the orchestras stopped playing?

It was empyreal, but ephemeral, too quick

You left

The crowd goes home


With sore feet


Liquid Thoughts 


Hot showers in summer

Tender jaw, tight skin

Either diamond or dirt

No in between 


Mind of a poet, yet

You don’t write things down

Lost down the drain, in summer

Or between wet pages, stuck together


Book thicker

Star brighter

Mind clearer

Not good enough, not good enough, not good enough


Come home, or don’t

Go to sleep, stay awake

Think about the sky, but not space

How can the stars be so far away


Cut a ribbon and fall down

A reminder of what you’re not

Not her, not him, not a wasp or a whale 

Can’t remember, can’t forget


Cut the ribbon, fall down

You can’t write things down

Down the drain you go

Down, down, down


It’s Simple


Dead plant on a shelf

Filled with books unread


How easy it would be to bring it back to life

Or throw it away


Old bag stuffed with things

I own but don’t need


How easy it would be to open it and empty it

Or stare at it from across the room


Quiet friend with curly hair

Alone in a city far away


How easy it would be to write a letter, like we used to

Or leave the page unmarked 


Tired mind sick of wishing

Hurt body, soft to touch


How easy it would be to get a Band-Aid, find reality 

Or forget what needs fixing

Forget I’m there at all

Hope is in her second year of Creative Writing at QUT, and although she doesn’t have any clue what she wants to do after her degree, she continues to write whenever she can about the things that inspire, confuse and intrigue her.