What We Look For

We are storytellers here at ScratchThat, so every form and genre can be accepted, no matter how experimental it may be. We publish fiction, non-fiction, memoir, essays, commentary, interviews, reviews, poetry, visual art, photography, and music from Australian emerging creatives. Our contributors have their own voices, and we encourage them to speak their minds. We’re looking for whip-smart observations and narratives that are unflinchingly honest about the world we live in. Give us your striking imagery, blur the lines between forms and conventions. We want to captivate our readers, keep them entertained.

We pride ourselves on our upbeat, personal, inclusive, accessible approach. We value the power of diversity and wish to give space to underrepresented voices, including those who are diverse in race, gender, class, gender sexual orientation, ability, religion, and other minorities. We also encourage writers, artists, musicians at all levels of experience to submit – if you think of yourself more as a dabbler, dipping your toes into each creative discipline, we want you!

The best way to get a sense of the kinds of work we publish is to read ScratchThat! You can view our past issues here or check out our weekly content here. Familiarise yourself with our tone and style, and read our guidelines.