To Feel (A Kaleidoscope)

Natasha Tong


it’s a burning

a sear of molten rippling
through my veins
and the gnash of teeth


it’s a fizzle

a crackle pop of
simmering energy
of bright notes and
bursts of sunbeams


it’s a numbness

an exhale of air
a sagging and flattening of
lungs and a gaping hollow
chipped in my chest


it’s a prickle

a jab of poison
tipped quills
and a wave of
gooseflesh rising


it’s a torrent

bearing down on shoulders
and gunshots of hail
pelting down on bare skin

sometimes it’s all this
and more
sometimes it’s one or
the other, overblown,
overwhelming – too much

but all the time

it’s just me

Natasha is an emerging writer currently in her final year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing. With a love for exploring fiction and poetry she strives to bring to life pieces that express new worlds, characters, and emotion.