TRUE CRIMEZ: Episode 2

Dobby and Lambert return after the soaring success of episode 1 for episode 2 of TRUE CRIMEZ. This time, they get into the nitty gritty of cold-blooded MURDER – or, they would have, except they are surprised by a visit from the Pish Hole Police Department… 

Performed by: 
Tayla Rankine
Tia Reynolds
Joel Burgess
Dylan Hynd

Written by: 
Jamie Stevens
Lilian Martin 
Kaylee May Lovegrove 
NZE Tabakov 

Directed by:
Ella Uhlmann

Assistant Director:
Conor Cocks 

Produced by: 
Madeleine Keeble 

Visual Artist:
Rameen Ammar 

David Gaffney 

Music and Sound Engineering by: 
Foley sounds: 
Aya Sato