Jak Kirwin


The preeminent dread of our generation
a long life of glorified mediocrity
in a cubicle or café
stage or writer’s room
hospital ward or law firm

Our teachers promised us 18.5 jobs
throughout our lifetimes
as though a precarious economy
were a new frontier
the dollar, the drover, the cattle, the youth

General Discomfort,
mobilise the workforce,
march on the Somme,
Gig Economy, 5th Battalion
part-time casualties

blooms red

Jak is a Brisbane based writer and poet interested in the use of nature as a conduit for introspection. Jak is also interested in political ideologies and their influence on social relationships. His poetry has appeared in Glass and Scratchthat. His prose has appeared in The Equal Standard.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at jakkirwin.

Find his work in Issue One and Issue Two of Scratch That Magazine, and in QUT Glass.