Jack Nichollas Baxter

I want to walk into the ocean

And never be seen again

Let waves wash over me

Swallow my sins


I will plunge head first

Abandon hope of rescue

Feel its freezing embrace

Its icy love I deserve


I will hold my breath until my lungs burn

Feeling something again

Then gasping it all out at once


I will watch bubbles rise to surface

How deep I’ve sunk

A storm rolling over me

Crash of thunder like laughter

Let my limbs drift

Finally free of

Care and pain


Ears finally hear as little as each other

Screaming of the world suppressed

Or was it me screaming?


The tidal motion holds me

Follow me

Let me finally let go

No shackles down here

Only depths and dark

My eyes see as well as they can

For the first time


Sightless orbs crushing under pressure

Like my soul is

Will I ever reach a bottom

Or will I sink forever

Like I was still ashore


I see and feel things never before

The first of the world to

Or so I always thought


Because no one else ever felt this

Did they

Could they

Why didn’t they say


Author: Jack Nichollas Baxter has been writing for twenty years in any form he could. Published music reviews and interviews, unpublished poetry by the hundreds, an entire cast of different Dungeons And Dragons characters. All writing is worth writing and he loves it all.

Artist: Irene Liao is a visual art student from Taiwan who aims to present figurative human art through her watercolour pieces.

Editors: Bea Warren and Euri Glenn