Euri Glenn


A blackened field consumed by the

hazy fog of a memory.

What does it mean to be here in this

moment, when everything is eaten,

a fleeting sensation

bound to the constraints of being,

and later lost to Lethe?


I dream, the dissonant sound

of disconnection.

I sink, the piercing sound of piano keys

and their ivory — how

can something born of death

sound so lovely?

Euri Glenn is a Jambreen/Tamborine Mountain-based writer, and a second-year Creative Writing student at QUT who is currently working on a novel based in a post-apocalyptic Gold Coast Hinterland. In every story, she seeks to inspire change for the better of the world and the creatures who dwell within it. You can find her on Instagram @chelsea_glenn_writer.

Artist: Sarah McLachlan is a third year Bachelor of Creative Writing student who likes to draw in her spare time. She wishes to combine both her art and writing skills to create a webcomic of her own one day, but she’s also open to illustrating for books and book covers. Sarah is also a major The Legend of Zelda fan and can be found drawing a lot of elves. You can find her at @hideriame02 on Instagram.

Editors: Hannah Vesey and Willow Ward