when i knew i loved you

Ella Witney

you’re not supposed to break them. yet we did. their insides were poisonous, but that didn’t stop us, we glazed their gooey blood on our cheeks. the yellows, greens, and blues illuminated the gloom. beneath the marquee, surrounded by a sea of tents. i hadn’t expected to see that face. not again. not so close, i can hold it, smudge my creation across it. by morning, any evidence of what happened here would’ve faded. i thought we would too.

Author: Ella Witney is a Brisbane-based writer and poet. Currently she is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology and works on the content team for ScratchThat magazine. As a third-generational member of Brisbane’s folk scene and an Irish Fiddler, Ella is inspired by traditions and lore, and is always on the look-out for what can be amended to better suit modern audiences. Her works include elements of fantasy, psychological, and horror, and explores the way mental health affects individuals.

Artist: Cyndra Galea (she/they) is in the third year of her Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Communications. When not found with her head in a book or three, Cyndra can be found radioactive antique hunting, fixing classic cars with her dad, drawing on her iPad, or writing and editing her manuscript. Cyndra aims to work as a structural editor when she finishes her Masters of Editing and Publishing, but also dreams of releasing novels of their own.

Editors: Bea Warren and Euri Glenn