When You’re Happy

Christian Reitano

Long-term happiness has this slow way of moving

Where it eases the hands of the clock

And widens the eyes

Slowly, slowly

It eases the sun into the sky

Paints a beautiful canvas

The flowers bloom their first breath

The waves sing and dance, then draw back

Slowly, slowly

It sketches the pathway before your eyes

And paints it ‘morning sun’

The wind seldom howls, but learns how to sing

And whistles its way through its instruments, the trees

Drop their autumn leaves which fall, gracefully to your feet

Imitating the way in which,

Everything falls into place,

When you’re happy.

Happiness will come, slowing down time, and moving the world around you

Happiness will come.



Christian Reitano is a creative writing student at QUT. They love writing poetry, especially slam poetry, and song lyrics. Aside from writing, photography is their favourite creative hobby, and they adore the medium of sepia. Check out their music TheAnt777 on Spotify, and their photography Instagram account sepiavibe.