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Scratch That Magazine’s official Issue 2 launch release is creeping ever closer. With an exciting new format, Scratch That’s team is marching on to give you the best and biggest launch possible. With exclusive content, interactive opportunities, and bucket loads of fun, Launch Week is beginning very soon, the perfect red carpet to highlight the shine of our long-awaited Issue 2.

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To coincide with the upcoming launch day spirit, Scratch That’s newsletter team has put together some content that will keep you fresh and motivated for the spring season ahead. 

Remember, keep your eyes peeled. Launch is coming sooner than you think.

Enjoy, from Amber and the rest of Scratch That’s Newsletter team.

Bringing Poetry to Life
Savannah Barnes

The beauty of poetry is the way it evokes emotion in a short piece; therefore, it is important to create work that is concise and impactful. Here are some quick tips to strengthen your poetry to its full potential:

Firstly, avoid filler words, such as ‘and’, ‘the’ and ‘that’, unless they are absolutely necessary. These words congest your work and weaken the impact of your poem. Additionally, removing these words also allow you to experiment with the musicality of your poem.

Secondly, stick to your everyday vocabulary; these are the words you would genuinely use in a conversation. This enables the reader to resonate with your work and prevents it from sounding ingenuine. Leave all the ‘Thou shalt not’s’ to Shakespeare.

Finally, write about topics you’re passionate about and truly relate to. If you get caught up writing the things you think people want to read, your writing will lose its heart and won't be as enjoyable for you as a writer. The wonderful thing about poetry is you can write about absolutely anything you want. Make your work unique by doing exactly that!

Poetry is about sharing what you have to say in a linguistic, musical form. I hope these tips enable you to do so. 

Cake Pops and Merry-Go-Rounds
How to Eat Up Inspiration and Keep It In

Amber Lee

Inspiration, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as people make it out to be. As useful as it is to just ‘sit down and start making’, sometimes, it just doesn’t work. If you’re in a bit of a rut, and your inspiration tank is worryingly empty, this is the tiny wall of text for you.

There are different levels of inspiration hunting, and all of them are equally valid. The everyday consumption of stimuli such as: media, social interaction, environment, and any other visual, auditory or sensory stimulation, are constantly changing your perception of the world. Actively seeking out this everyday inspiration, and targeting it to more specific, can help. This could simply be going people-watching, reading a book, watching a movie, observing your surroundings, sitting in a café, or riding the bus. Gathering the work of creators you like can also do this. There are many simple ways like these to naturally fill up the inspiration tank. 

On the other hand, there are ways to forcibly jump start inspiration. Try working on an art study, a quick sketch, or a writing prompt without the pressure of perfection. This slaps your mind into creating mode, and stops you wasting thinking time on the convincible merit of the piece. That said, in a creative burnout, forcibly making yourself work beyond your limits probably isn’t a good idea. If this is the case, it might be better to stick to natural inspiration. 

With that in mind, it’s important to realise that the way you use your inspiration is integral to how long you can hold onto it. Not everyone gets inspired the same way, and not everyone stays inspired the same way. If you consume a lot of inspiring things at once, it might be worth taking a moment to let it settle. Consider how wise it is to jump straight onto the merry-go-round of creation after stuffing yourself on all that delicious inspiration. If you’re prone to creative motion sickness, it might be a better idea to only consume small amounts before going for a ride. 

Remember, you can always go back to get more inspiration, so don’t worry if you aren’t flawlessly inspired before you start your creative fun. Not everyone gets inspired the same way, and not everyone stays inspired the same way.

Remember, you can always go back to get more inspiration, so don’t worry if you aren’t flawlessly inspired before you start your creative fun. 

Mixed Bag Writing Prompts
Spring Flavour - With Adam Osborne

Write about the last thing you cried about:
This might make a great poem or memoir, or you could even remove yourself entirely and make it a genre piece!
Use those tears for inspiration fuel, you never know how what could come from it.
Write about an important encounter you had with nature:

 It could be about a cycle beginning anew, or a moment of stillness and wonder, or even just something silly your pet does.

It might be the encouragement you need power through the spring ahead.
Write something hopeful! 

It could be small and selfish! 
Write something sweet, bright or grateful!

 Make it fun and engrossing.
Rabbit Launch Teaser by Jade Davis 

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