Newsletter #16
A big hello again to our dearest friends, and welcome to newsletter #16. We’ve all come far together and the newsletter team wants to congratulate everyone on still moving forward despite the constant pressure of life and uni. We feel it is the time to make our newsletter about one of life’s absolute necessities and one of God’s gifts to Earth. Food! Food really is one of the most emotive topics to discuss because it can make your mouth legitimately water with the longing of good tastes, or make you gag out of the remembrance of bad taste. Food is a necessity to fuel our bodies and here today we have merged our two favourite things! Creative arts and food. We hope our newsletter will not only motivate you to illustrate different and challenging things but will encourage you to go out and try different things. Continue below for some fantastic content and updates and get ready for your mouth to water. DON’T FORGET: you guys can submit some content for us to publish in the next newsletter! If you have something that you love, but it has been rejected by others, please send it or an extract of it to us. We love hearing from you all and if we have to, we will get down on our knees and beg you for some content. (No really, don’t hold back because we love everything we’ve seen so far.) The only condition is that it must be 600 words or less.   The art in this newsletter has been brought to you by: Rhiannon Lobley  The written content has been brought to you by: Sathyani Kotakadeniya    Happy Scratching everyone!
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QUT Literary Salon
Hey ScratchThat fans! Jackson here again with another Lit Salon update. My reign as a lit-salon president is coming to an end. November will see the final Salon of 2021, and we wanted to do something a little bit grander to celebrate. Our final Salon of the year will be held at Avid Reader on the 12th of November, and will feature not one, but TWO fabulous guest readers (stay tuned on instagram to find out who ;) ). Submissions are currently open through the linktree in our bios (or the link below) with NO THEME! Feel free to send us whatever writing you like! We're also on the hunt for the next two presidents that will take the reigns for 2022. Fill out the Google form in our instagram bio if you're interested! Applications close on the 1st of November. For people interested in applying, Jakeb and I are doing a small Q&A session at the Grove Bar at QUT Kelvin Grove from 5pm, so come along and ask whatever questions you may have. Don't forget to submit your writing to us HERE for our final salon - submissions close in November. Good luck! Please follow us at @qutlitsalon on Instagram and The QUT Literary Salon on Facebook to stay up to date.
Creative Writing Gala
Save the date - November 5th! A huge congratulations to Allen & Unwin shortlisted writers Rebekah Roma, Ciaran Greig, and Hannah Vesey. But who will win the prize? Find out at the official 2021 Creative Writing Gala, to be held at the Glasshouse, Kelvin Grove. Stay tuned for newsletter #17, where more about the Gala, and the Allen & Unwin prize will be revealed.

Make A Selection 

What we've been consuming (literally)
Sophie: A little Food Tale: The table was already sticky by the time I joined the family. Syrupy smells were tangy in the air, almost as if I could stick my tongue out and taste the sugar from the surrounding atmosphere. Both my sisters were cheery and chatty. My parents listened to them as they giggled and stuffed their faces with breakfast. I take my bites in small amounts, eating slowly and savouring the fluffy, creamy taste. I listen to my family enjoy the meal and decide that even though pancakes are one of my favourite foods, I enjoy the company and feeling of family so much more. Jackson:
Two things to know about me: I love a good snack, and I'm a cheap queen wherever possible. I can only fit so much food in a bag that already needs to carry books and chargers and electronics and wallets for a full uni day. I really try not to spend money on food when I'm out of the house, because it really adds up, but you can't always help it. Look, there's a Woolworths on campus for a reason, right? I've come to treasure that walk through the air-con as I pick out my fun, thrifty snacks. I turn immediately right and into that fridge area with the salads, and pick myself up one of those hommus and crackers cups (love me some hommus (hummus?)), no more than $3 for her, practically a steal! Not even a full metre away I get one of those little Garlic Stuffed Olives and Cheese Cubes and you wouldn't believe - $3, such a fun price. I love to get me something sweet, a little hazelnut Cadbury bar, normally on sale for less than $2, and that's honestly a perfect between class meal. And yes ok I come back and go into Miu Tea an hour later and spend like $8 on a Large Cheese Spring Tea with Pearls, but if you aren't walking into class sipping, you aren't walking in at all.  


I usually (always) have multiple books on the go at once. This past week I added one more to my current rotation -- The Vegetarian by Han Kang. It's a book that has been on my to-read list for a while now (since July 2019 according to Goodreads). Preparing for this fortnights food-themed newsletter was the push I needed to finally start reading it. And I'm feeling quite grateful. Thus far it has not disappointed. The book follows Yeong-hye, who decides to give up meat for a more plant-based life after experiencing a horrific nightmare.  Her decision to become vegetarian shocks everyone around her, and changes more than just her diet... I don't want to give too much away, so perhaps you should just read it for yourself!  
H.AM Radio
The Blatherskite activity for the semester is only just begun, and there's plenty more in store for us. Here is a little teaser for the latest episode: Killer Sus! Welcome to H.AM Radio! Join your hosts — Britney Richbish and Garreth Kirkegaard — Back with another instalment of H.AM Radio! This week we’re talking all things local farming, as Rodney is out for the day and we also have an exciting special guest – or two! Tony reports on the morning traffic and Susan gives us an overview of the weather for the day. Ciao!
"Something I'd do for just a moment would be just to fall on the ground or something."
An Interview with Lachlan Wilkes from the Blatherskite team Speaking of podcasts, this week i had the fantastic opportunity to get the inside scoop on the podcast team's antics this year with Lachlan, a script-writer, voice actor, and art designer from the Blatherskite team.
  Jackson: I listened to the third episode of the podcast this morning - it was so fun! Lachlan: Oh my god, yesss, I really liked that episode as well.   Jackson: I have a genuine laugh out loud moment every episode. Lachlan: Yass, that's what we want.   Jackson: What's your role in the podcast team?   Lachlan: I'm like the producer and the first scriptwriter...kind of how we run it is I power through and just write a whole script, and I'm not the best editor, like I can't edit for shit, so the rest of the guys grab my script and just rearrange and edit wording. I also do the artwork as well, and a little bit of the managing with the sound producers with Vermilion.   Jackson: And you play Britney as well, right?   Lachlan: I do play Britney, and a couple of other little characters.   Jackson: What's it been like working with Vermilion on the project?   Lachlan: It has been a blast. They're really professional...there's one who mainly does the in-person stuff with us, and there's two editors who grab the text and put music on top of it and sound effects and stuff like that - and they stick to their schedules when they say they're going to have something done!   Jackson: Are podcasts something you've been involved with before? Has this been an interest of yours?   Lachlan: I haven't done any before this, but certainly last semester I heard all about the podcast...and just didn't have time...but I was like "next semester I'm definitely doing this, like, 100%". Voice acting is kinda something I want to pursue after I graduate, so that was one of my main drives to do something like this.   Jackson: Nice! What kinda voice acting do you want to get into? Scripts that you've written for yourself, or more as an actor?   Lachlan: Probably more as an actor but honestly I'm kinda down for both, like, if nothing shows up I'll write a script and do it myself, I don't care, I'll do what I want *laughs*.   Jackson: Is this your first time kinda delving deeper into writing scripts?   Lachlan: Yes, oh my god, this is my first time doing any script-writing at all. I mean, obviously here and there during my Drama degree, but it's not been a lot, so it was really nice to get the opportunity to delve deeper into this because I've found that I'm actually not that bad at it and it's something I can do pretty quickly.   Jackson: Oh nice, a natural.   Lachlan: Yeah, nice and natural~   Jackson: So where did the idea for H.AM radio come from?   Lachlan: The original skew of the idea was, we wanted something that you can just listen to each episode by themselves...but we wanted it to be one whole 'same characters each episode' kinda thing. Ewan came up with the idea "well, a radio show is kinda like a podcast in a way"...and it leaves room for those errors that we make during our takes, like if we bump a mic, we normally keep those in. Oftentimes when Ewan forgets his line and goes "oh fuck", they go "oh that's funny let's just keep that in," it's a bit more natural that way. So yeah that's kinda where the idea came from. Jackson: I think definitely as a viewer that's where some fun laughs come from.   Lachlan: Yeah exactly, and that's what we wanted to do.   Jackson: Well, it's working.   Lachlan: Yay! Jackson: Could you give a brief summary of the rest of the team? There's a few of you on there.   Lachlan: There's myself, then there's Ewan who's also a producer, he does the other management kind of things that I don't do. There's Zali who is our main other script-writer who does the first edit of my script, so I give it to her and she nuts it out and gets it sorted because she's a creative writing student. Then we have Maisie who does the next edit after that and adds all the clarity in the jokes which is really helpful. And then we have James who is just so talented in his voice - like the amount of voices that guy can do is insane.   Jackson: How many more episodes do we have to look forward to?   Lachlan: We have three more - one that's just in it's editing stage and two more to record.   Jackson: H.AM Radio, is there some kind of underlying ideology underneath it all? Like, if we went through the scripts with a fine-toothed comb would we be able to find some kind of subtext?   Lachlan: Yes! There is a kind of subtext underneath it all. It all gets revealed in the last episode - but I'll give a little bit of insider - there is a cult that is involved in the radio station. Somehow, some way, it gets revealed in the last episode. There are underlying messages, there is a guest each episode that has some kind of hand in the cult...Susan's always got a little bit to say about the cult...if you stripped it all back you could find some little bits that would key you into what's actually going to happen in this last episode. Jackson: No way! I'm about to start the H.AM Conspiracy Podcast, I swear.   Lachlan: Yes, yes, we wanted something that's not like 'a surprise'. Like if you re-listened to it you'd go "oh my god that's why they said this oh my god that's why". Jackson: What's something you've always wanted to say in an interview? Sometimes I think of my dream quotes for myself if I was a celebrity, do you have a dream headline or quote? Even if it's out of context.   Lachlan: Oh my god I never thought of that! The one thing that comes to mind is that Lady Gage quote where she says - and she's ran it to death - "when there's a thousand people in the room you only need one to hear you" or something like that, or "to think you have potential" or something like that. I think that quote is amazing, I love it, I think it's so funny now. But...I don't know! What's your quote? Jackson: I'm imagining something has happened and I've been thrown under the bus for something and I'm like...I don't know! Something emotional, and dramatic.   Lachlan: To be honest I'm more of an up and moving person, I do a lot of gestures with my arms and my body and hands. Something I'd do for just a moment would be just to fall on the ground or something. Jackson: Of course it can be a gesture. I think that's even more powerful. Actions speak louder than words.   Lachlan: Uh - you took the words straight out of my mouth.   Make sure you tune in for future episodes of H.AM radio HERE on the ScratchThat website, or to stay up to date, go ahead and follow Blatherskite on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or Spotify, and here is the RSS link.
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Spilled Ink

A platter of ponderings
Sathyani Kotakadeniya

This Platter of Ponderings is presented to you by Sathyani Kotakadeniya in the form of poetry.  

Thoughts at the dinner table      Visiting cuisines at every hour Picking from dishes from all around the globe Calling it food Do you call it coloured food then? Yet you have the nerve to say they are not your people. Threatening to draw borders and expel other cultures For "those people do not look like me". I guarantee you that from head to toe you dress and buy Clothes for your body and stuff for your homes A collaborative effort from around the globe When we coexist, can you opt us out? Can you claim those lands  and call it yours, When you know, there were inhabitants of those lands  long before you were born? We are merely tenants of planet Earth, Lucky to have a home. I dare you to take race, greed, and power to your grave Worms will eat your decaying body The remainder of the carcass will rot away into the soil Will worms choose between black, brown, yellow, and white then? Remember this darling: Death does not discriminate!    -Sathyani Kotakadeniya       

Author bio: Sathyani Kotakadeniya is a law and psychology dual degree student from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia (QUT). Her poetry has appeared in several Australian and overseas magazines and journals such as QUT Glass, QUT Scratch That, The Matchstick-Amnesty International Canada Arts & Lit Magazine, Ovid to Covid-Poetry and Covid and the Tiny Seed Literary Journal. She recently became a finalist in the Oprelle 2021 "Rise Up" Poetry Anthology Contest. 

What you've been consuming (courtesy of our instagram DMs)

Mixed Bag

Writing and prompts just for you

Send us your work!

If you're interested in submitting anything you write that's inspired by our prompts, or anything at all that you'd like to see published somewhere, give us a try here - Submissions Form

Fiction Writing Prompt  
How do you feel about cooking with other people? Sharing a kitchen? Slipping past one another trying to pinch utensils out of drawers and pots out of cupboards, working around another person as well as the mess you've already made. Maybe you love the chaos of a busy kitchen. Maybe there's nothing you despise more than another person knocking past you as you place the final touches on your perfectly plated breakfast. Write a quick story about a group of people who either hate or love cooking together. They could be roommates, family, or maybe chefs in a busy restaurant -- whatever your heart desires. Take a chance to explore the dynamics between characters.   
Non-Fiction Writing Prompt
This newsletter, we want you to write about the most memorable meal you've eaten in the past week. Tell us about the smells, the textures, the flavours, how you felt when you were eating it, who you were with, the atmosphere -- include it all! The form in which you write about this meal is completely up to you. You could write a scathing (or glowing) review, a memoir, a a personal essay or even a recipe or a piece on the process of how your dish was made. Take your readers (or even just yourself) on a journey around and through your food. 
Happy scratching!