You Don’t Just Feel the Knife

Sebastian Jasper

You don’t just feel a knife.

You’ll feel the tear in your reality, the unwelcome cool seeping past your defences, the rupturing of something sacred being violently breached, the tendrils of your own flesh, like a can of worms ready for escape, the spreading disease of malicious torment seizing your body, the forces of life flowing from their cracked vessel, the world becoming unknowably useless as the knife reaches its destination.

And then the pull, oh yes, you’ll feel death beckoning you as the owner recalls their instrument, the sickle already held high as the newly created chasm fills with red, the horror as cosmic indifference cracks the whip, the slave’s realisation that their new master has claimed them, the shackles of dark as your knees hit the ground, and the fluttering beats of a distant heart no longer yours.

Sebastian Jasper is a 17yr old hopeful with naught but dreams.