In Tune With Miss Q: ‘Act Two’

In “3Q,” the quirky Miss Q brings an unconventional flair to her job at Pine Primary, to the excitement of the children she teaches. But a mysterious past and an unexpected summons to the principal’s office hint at hidden layers beneath her bubbly exterior. It’s nothing serious, right? Everything is going to be fine.  

Content Warning:

Please be aware that this podcast contains bullying, course or mildly offensive language, dark themes, and mild violence.  


Miss Q: Abbey Cook 

Mrs Stone: Kaitlyn Youngs 

Principal Caster: Ella Cranny 

Kayla: Ella Uhlmann 

Sam: Tayla Rankine 

Jack: Mak Harris 

Mr Dover: Abbey Cook 


Director: Ella Uhlmann 

Producer: Sophie Bigum 

Audio Producer/Editor: Dylan Hynd 

Musical Producers: Mak Harris, Sam Rety 

Lyricist: Mak Harris 

Writers: Tayla Rankine, Mak Harris, Ella Uhlmann, Abbey Cook